Throughout my working career I have demonstrated that I am a skilled communicator, which is why I gained my qualification as a civil, commercial and workplace mediator. My calm and analytical mind affords me the ability to translate complex issues into understandable solutions. Conflict in the workplace is common. Most of the time things can be sorted out with a chat, but when they can’t, they can soon take a turn for the worse: communication breaks down, other people get drawn in, and what begins as a difference of opinion can quickly become a significant problem for your organisation.


Disputes can occur at all levels: with colleagues, managers, within teams, and even between people several management levels apart. Line managers are often too close to the dispute to get involved and HR practitioners can often have a conflict of interest or may not be trusted by employees to maintain absolute confidentiality.


Mediation focuses on all parties getting what they want from their working relationships with others, and on moving forwards amicably with an agreement that everyone involved has contributed towards. It’s a discreet method of resolving disputes that can:  

  • save the stress of prolonged disputes 

  • save the costs and resources associated with disputes 

  • reduce absenteeism by demonstrating organisational investment in finding a resolution

  • provide recommendations for improvements in ways of working in improve productivity and workplace relationships.


My role helps to clarify the needs of the parties in conflict, helping them to distance themselves from the problem and focusing them towards the solution. 


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