Counselling and psychotherapy can be hard work and requires commitment. That commitment to the process and relationship with the therapist allows us to explore what’s going on inside, to enable us to understand and to make desired changes to our external world. It can help to manage what can seem unmanageable and enables us to reach our full potential.

We all know it’s good to talk through our problems and difficulties with someone that you trust and respect. This may not always be possible. Perhaps these people are not in your life; perhaps they may be too close or even part of the problem. This is when a counsellor could be particularly helpful. 


Counselling is a process where you can develop trust and respect with someone who is objective and has your best interests at heart. This creates a safe environment where you can explore your thoughts and feelings, find connections between the past and the present and make decisions or changes that are right for you.


As a counsellor I am here to listen, not to judge, to help you understand what is happening and to respond to your situation. I may offer suggestions about how to work with what you bring and may have ideas about how to proceed. This process may take anything from a few sessions up to a few months of weekly work depending upon the issues that you bring. 


Counselling is particularly helpful for addressing:

  • Low self esteem

  • Low confidence

  • Stressful life events

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Sleep problems

  • Relationship and family difficulties

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Or any other issue that has started within the last year